Santa’s Reindeer Racing 2021

Another very fun quick and small project has been finished! Actually, the development happened a good while ago, as this family friendly reindeer racing game was developed to match the timing of the WRC Rally championship coming to Rovaniemi in February 2021. It’s just now that the development of this project has been finished after its release.

In this game, you are in control of a pack of reindeer pulling a sleigh, with Santa as your co-driver, and his elves as your competitors. The first driver to finish first will win the race.

If the scenery and characters seem familiar from another project, it’s because this was a fast spin-off continuation project from the VR christmas story “The Portal of Merry Miracles”. As the owner of the project, Loft Cafe had the racing spin-off available in their VR lounge just like the first one. Oh, just to think of all the fun VR mini-games in that IP universe that we could make, given the resources and the time.

The journey of this game doesn’t end in the cafe VR arcade. It is available in the Oculus App Lab.