Digging into some rock n’ roll

Heavy rocks. Dynamite. Dust. Big trucks. Maybe a bit of gold. What music genre comes first to mind for games themed like this?

This series of learning games targeted at mining industry workers and students is literally filled with rock. If the player is not moving rocks, they are inside solid rock, or getting ready to blast it into pieces and to haul it off with huge vehicles. Therefore, there was absolutely no other musical style to go for, than good old southern rock. Some games have a heavier feel, and others are more laid back, even a bit whimsical, so the musical flavors vary between distorted electric guitars with blues scale, and acoustic guitars with more melodic material. All in all, this was really a fun project, especially in terms of music, and the sound design included a few good of new tricks for me to learn as well.

The games are a part of an educational development project called MiGaEL – Mining Game for Education and Learning, and I had the opportunity to work on their music and sound design, from both creative and technical perspective. Both Unity and Unreal game engines were used in the project, and my tasks included a good amount of programming. The team at the customer’s FrostBit software development lab is always a great bunch of nice people to work with.

You can download the games here. Below you can see a couple of the game trailers. The audio in the videos is not mine.

FrostBit / Lapin AMK owns the copyright of the videos and article image.