Music for a mobile game called OutCatch!

OutCatch! on iPad

OutCatch! on iPad

OutCatch! is a free treasure hunting game that has been inspired by geocaching, adventure movies and a good old Finnish board game called Afrikan tähti, the Great Star of Africa. The developer is Planetboard, a company for whom the earth is a game board that we can play on.

I got a chance to create quite a bit of music and also some sound effects for the game, and really enjoyed the job. OutCatch! makes you go out and walk around to find treasures. The background music evolves as you get closer to them. The more treasures you find, the more you can set them up for your friends to find.

Download the game, try it out and let me know how you think it sounds.

OutCatch! iTunes preview page – go get the app and have happy hunting!